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Welcome to Otherworld MUD: The Land of Tirn Aill[edit | edit source]


Loosely based on the Celtic afterlife, Tirn Aill translates to 'Other World' The land is characteristic for strange one-way portals that open from other worlds and dimensions, pulling in creatures and enemies that then must seek to survive within this otherworld.

We have been around since January 1996, and have heaps of depth to our world and systems. We strive to provide a fast-paced combat style while staying in touch with a classic vibe.

Our 34 player races each have very detailed and unique abilities to really set them apart. You may pair any race with any class to find an amazing combination that truly feels right for you. Not just for power gaming, as virtually every combination is viable if given time and effort. There are many abilities that play off of each other in interesting ways, maybe you can even discover a new combo that no one thought of yet!

Our 19 classes are varied and can all perform multiple roles if pursued. (Tank, Healer, Melee, Caster and Support) There is no "Gotcha!" element to our leveling, as you can always train your stats up later on.

Other features include: Class Specialization Branches, Clans, Worshippable Deities, Truly unique items, Tradeskill Item creation and customizing, Raiding Areas, Hirables such as Mercenaries and Pets that can level with you, Ships and Army minigames, Questing, Detailed itemization, An old-school worldmap, All unique areas to explore, Remorting, Player-vs-Player (PvP is a mode that has benefits) And much more!

Our players and staff are nice and pretty helpful people, though not too in your face about it. Our Admin are always open to ideas and suggestions.

Old TA'ers will tell you that our world is very rich and there is always new stuff being added to keep you busy. :)

Come visit us. You'll soon find solace in the realm of the dead.

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Blog / Forum[edit | edit source]

Otherworld MUD has a blog and forum that can be found at the following link. - http://otherworldmud.blogspot.com/

Play now!![edit | edit source]

Download one of the MUD Clients and join is at hostname: tirnaill.com port: 4000

If you wanna give it a quick go and see what were about log on from your browser here! - http://www.mudconnect.com/fmud/?host=tirnaill.com&port=4000

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